Domestic commercial vehicle transmission market surging

The joint venture between ZF Germany and Baotou Beiben Heavy-duty Truck Co., Ltd. established the establishment of a commercial vehicle transmission company and has recently spread rapidly in the industry. From alone to find a joint venture partner, ZF has been trying to Fast and Qi tooth-t ......Reading more

Global LED bulbs fall in average price into the home li…

According to the latest LED bulb retail price survey of LEDinside, the global energy research institute's Green Energy business unit, in May 2013, the average retail price of LED bulbs replacing 40W in the world decreased by about 1 micro-level to 16 US dollars, including Taiwan price. The decl ......Reading more

How can LED displays be designed to be more energy effi…

The words vocabulary of energy conservation and environmental protection have emerged in society and the whole world. People have also made some changes in the way of life and the concept of life. In the development of LED industry in recent years, energy conservation will also become the primary t ......Reading more

Vacuum packaging machine industry develops rapidly

Under the impetus of economy, the level of people's pursuit of life is getting higher and higher, and therefore there is a greater pressure on the commodities on the market. This has brought more challenges to the packaging of food, and of course, has brought more opportunities for vac ......Reading more

Dana's 2012 sales fell 4.2%, net profit jumped 36%

In February 2013, the component supplier Dana Holding Group announced that its net sales in the fourth quarter of 2012 and worldwide declined, but all of the net profits increased. In the fourth quarter of last year, Dana’s net sales reached US$1.61 billion, a year-on-year decline of ......Reading more

Instrumentation network marketing plays an important ro…

First, the deepening of online marketing support conditions for instrumentation and instrumentation With the development of network marketing for instrumentation, the supporting conditions that it depends on will, in general, be further developed. This includes: advancement of network tech ......Reading more

Machine tool industry needs to accelerate transformatio…

According to relevant statistical data, China’s machine tool product imports increased rapidly in 2011, with imports of US$20.3 billion, a year-on-year increase of 29%. The continuous growth over the years has brought China's machine tool industry to the top of the world in term ......Reading more