Automatic nitrogen analyzer to analyze the nutrition of…

Chicken leg is a kind of food that people like, suitable for all ages. It is not only nutritious but also delicious. Braised chicken leg is a typical halogenated meat product. The analysis of the nutritional quality of all aspects of traditional meat products processing and technical impr ......Reading more

Signal waveform display in vacuum measurement system

Signal waveform display in vacuum measurement system Core Tip: [Tags: SY_Introduction] In the vacuum measurement system, the single-chip module transmits the basic measurement signals (the thermocouple potential of the thermocouple and the ion current of the ionization tube) to the PC via RS485, ......Reading more

· Cadillac strategy to sell products or brand

Last week, Cadillac's first domestically-added new car ATS-L with extended wheelbase was officially launched. Shanghai GM, who played at home, spent a million yuan on the Shanghai Bund to set up a cool stage for the debut of the new car, and the various driving tasks of the "L" concep ......Reading more

Nanjing Iveco's high-end light trucks "beyond&…

“I am a truck driver and also a fanatic enthusiast of motor sports. Before I heard that there were trucks participating in the Dongchuan Rally, unfortunately I could not catch up. This 'big off-road' is arguably the largest off-road rally in China. I would certainly not miss this opp ......Reading more

Zach wins order for 6 sets of gas burners

The six APLNGs built by Hudong Zhonghua recently completed the procurement of a gas-fired unit (GCU), one of the important large-scale equipment. It is reported that the total project target of the device exceeds 7 million US dollars. As the world's leading manufacturer of combustion technology, ......Reading more

Hongli Optoelectronics' first three quarters perfor…

Hongli Optoelectronics released the results forecast for the first three quarters of 2013, saying that the net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies from January to September 2013 was 27,141,200 yuan - 36,168,200 yuan, a decrease of 20-40 over the same period of the previous year. ......Reading more